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Software used to implement C programs

There are many softwares like putty,turbo c etc.
I use C-free version 5.0 here because it is more convenient to use comparatively.
software for c
 you can download a free version from c-net. the logo appears as the above image. After downloading that install it and goto new file and save that with ".c" file extension.
Hello World Program
ex:-"firstcprogram.c" now write the program in the blank space and hit the green button as is shown in the image above.Now you will get a black window with a message written in your printf statement.This is all about our initial step. note:-Do not worry about the above program as I will be explaining you in detail in our future pages.This is just to show you how to install and use the software. It is only a 30 days free trail after that you should buy it.

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